Spiritual Development vs. Personal Development

Spiritual Development vs. Personal Development

Original Content from my Facebook live in The Spiritual Room Community on January 3, 2023

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Transcript from Video:

What is going on? You beautiful. What is going on? Yes, we have audio, which is cool. Okay, so that was super exciting. Um, what just I, we just watched there. I actually don't think you guys had any sound on that, but, uh, that's all right. I needed to see what it was gonna look like anyways, and it was amazing.

What is up? You guys? Welcome to the show. Welcome to our second official show in the spiritual room. This is our Tuesday Live. And if this is the first time that we are meeting, what is up? My name is Danielle Grant and I'm one of the teachers here at the spiritual room. I'm also the founder, and today on our Tuesday live show, I wanna talk to you guys about spiritual development.

and personal development because there is a difference between the two, and I think it's important to talk about this topic today because this is really the foundation between bridging from. , that human aspect and actually shifting into the spiritual aspect and doing the things that the spiritual aspect, uh, is desiring.

So that is what we are going to get in here today. If you're watching the replay, let up us know that you're watching the replay by leaving a comment in the comment section. And I do believe that the platform that I'm using right now, , there's some sort of feature that you have to do to turn on the comments with Streamy Yard if you haven't already.

So when you are actually in this feed right now, looking at this video, if you click more to see the description, , you'll see there, there's a link that you can go to and that will give you access to be able to leave comments in here and that will give us access to see who is actually leaving the comments.

If you don't give us permission, then Facebook won't let me see them in the comment section. So go ahead and click on that and allow yourself access to Streamy Yard. Uh, what else? What are the other announcements I have going on before we get into this topic today? Oh, I guess the first biggest announcement I have is that we, I and Danielle and the spiritual room have officially, which is actually very exciting, released the Ultimate Journal Playbook.

And this Journal Playbook is not a typical journal. It really is a playbook to journaling. It is a playbook that's going to help you make all of the other journals that you have. Most likely sitting in your house, uh, actually work for you. And so if you're someone who is either new to journaling or you're someone who has a existing journaling practice, this is going to be for you.

And you know what? It's only 15 bucks, so it's a really good deal. Uh, if you wanna upgrade and get the hard copy, or not the hard copy, but the printed copy, you can go ahead and do that. . And if you are interested, there is a live experience coming up this Sunday with six weeks of accountability. So if you wanna join us for that live experience, then you can go ahead and enroll yourself after you purchase the Ultimate Journal Playbook.

So again, if you haven't already, check that out. Check it out. Get your hands on one of these. Uh, it's not gonna matter where you're at in the journaling practice. There's something in here for you. There's a whole resource section with videos, podcasts, principles, downloads, all kinds of goodness. So you can head to the journal playbook.com/the-ultimate, um, right face can't post comments to Facebook group.

So lemme just hop on here on my phone and actually type this in here for you guys so that you can go ahead and access it right now if you so. Again, that is the ultimate journal playbook. Honestly, it is a game changer. Let's go like this. Www journal playbook.com can spell it right, the dash ultimate boom.

and that is going to take you there to the pa, that page. And again, you can go ahead and purchase that for 10 bucks, which is a really good deal. Okay. Okay. 10 bucks, which is a really good deal. Okay, let's see that. That worked. Yes, it did. And if you're just like not even gonna buy the journal, you should go watch the video.

I did, cuz it's hilarious. Anyways, you can see it there on the. . So you can go ahead and, uh, scroll through that and read and see why it's a fit for you. Okay, so let's continue on. Those are the announcements that I have in this current moment in time. I have more announcements coming up, I'm sure. Anyways, what I wanna get into today is this topic of personal development and spiritual development, spiritual development, personal development.

There is a difference, and one of the reasons why we're even in this conversation right now is because we are awakening to the difference, which. , why you're here in the spiritual room. Why the spiritual room exists actually is so that we can help bridge the gap and we can all awaken to higher states of consciousness.

But in order to awaken to higher states of consciousness, we have to awaken to information that we might not think that we know, but you actually do know cause it's the truth within you, but you think you don't know. So that's the truth, that that's the information that you have to awaken to. And one of the things you might have figured out like myself, after.

A very long time in personal development, meaning I was reading personal development books. I was doing, you know, the rah rah positive. I was creating good, healthy habits. I was setting in goals and intentions. I was striving to get up early in the morning, like I was doing all the human things in the, in the personal development space.

Right? And after a while I realized that there was something that still wasn't optimized. There was still an aspect of me that I wasn't progressing and I wasn't evolving in, and I didn't really understand what that aspect of me was. . And so after doing personal development and reading personal development and going in programs and doing these things, that is what brought me the awareness that there's this other side and that other side is a spiritual side, and that's what you're identifying or awakening up to or already know about for yourself.

But there isn't a point in the personal development world where it we, one, we do need it. It is a part of our human evolution, but there is a part where it only gets you so far because the personal development space, really what it does is it develops your. Right. It develops your human to be more positive.

It develops your human to create really healthy habits. It, uh, develops your human to try to strive towards developing and evolving yourself, right? Like that's all what the personal development, uh, space teaches you, teaches you to be courageous, teaches you all of these things. , but that human operating system is then met with a, a, a subconscious mind that has limitations in it, that has past stories, beliefs, experiences, has as aspects of us that we are here to live out and experience.

And so when we hit that tipping point in the personal development space, it's when we have kind of done as much as we can do as the person, and now it's time for us to turn to our inner self, our spiritual self, our energetic self, our conscious self, which happens to be our subconscious self, our subconscious mind, right?

And so when you get to that point in the personal development space, that's when you find yourself.  meditations. You find yourself seeking journaling. You find yourself seeking chakras, you find yourself seeking these kind of like non-traditional things that we wouldn't normally look at in the personal development space.

And so while I have a personally experience, and maybe you have two, a part of personal development where you're like, I'm doing all the things, like my lifestyle isn't changing, like what am I missing? Uh, that aspect is that spiritual side. . That is what we're ultimately here to support you in, in the spiritual room, is to support you in that aspect of you, which is why I wanted to talk about this topic today, because we are here to help you develop your spiritual self.

We are here to be the platform, the container, the community, the space, the brand that brings everybody together so that they can actually develop that spiritual side with all of the tools and things that we already know to be true anyways. But having them all under one space, and so that's really cool in.

But before we get into that, to that topic of the spiritual development and what that looks like and what you can expect that journey to look like, let's talk about the personal development side because we, without that side, we wouldn't have the spiritual side because the reality of it is, is we are reincarnated in planet Earth, uh, in a human vessel and a human entity.

And that version of us, the human entity version of us, has to. , right? It's a human operating system. It has to be trained, it has to, uh, have habits. It has to have behaviors. It has to have thoughts. It has to have, uh, systems and, and strategies, right? Like it has to, it's a human, it has a beating heart, it has a, uh, well, it is, everything is consciousness, but you get what I'm saying.

So without that aspect, we can't have the spiritual side anyways. The only reason why we can even have this personal thing is cuz we're realizing it in a physical. So without it, we can't have the other, so it's very important that we have it anyways. . And often when you look at spiritual work, what you find is it's a fine balance of your personal self and your spiritual self because you have to keep your personal self in alignment or consistent or creating the new habits, new vibrations, new frequencies, creating the discipline to do the reflecting, the journal work, uh, creating the discipline to find new machos and affirmations and war tracks, right, in order to create that.

You, that's the human aspect. And so you still very much need this human aspect and you still need to be optimizing your human aspect. It's not like one or the other. , but they do have different things in each of them. So a book that you might be familiar with. I just have a couple books here, uh, that I personally have read and I love, like I'm, I love this kind of stuff, but it definitely, uh, only offers us so much cuz it's a linear way of growing, uh, the personal side where the spiritual side is dimensional and so it, it will only get you so far, but it's, it's still like, let's understand where it gets you to it.

If we wanna talk about it in terms of density and dimensions, this would be like a third dimensional conversation because that is where the.  ideally lives, right? That entity of a slips. So ego is the enemy is a good one, uh, for us to begin to learn about. I dunno if you can see that. Begin to learn about our ego and what it is.

But what within this book is, uh, beyond this book actually is an expansion of what the actual ego is. So this is a really good book to introduce us to the kind of behaviors that are in it, how it behaves, what it is, and really how it is the enemy. But in reality it's the duality that offers us growth.

Another one might be how to Win Friends and Influence People, right? This one on a personal level is developing you as the human on how to be more compassionate and empathetic, and how to create relationships and communicate with people, right? Like we need these kinds of books as a person to develop ourself.

This was personal development stuff. Another one I have on here is the intelligent, uh, investor, which is actually a money book rate. So if you wanted to do investing or something like that, you would look at a book like this so that you could develop your money so that you could develop, uh, wisdom based on what other people have done, like, um, Or succeeded at, really.

Right? So again, these are all human aspects of yourself and, and money is a human reality. So that would be another kind of personal development book. This one, Darren Greatly by Brene Brown. Uh, a lot of people, uh, love Brene Brown. I l I enjoy Brene Brown. And it really talks about stepping into that courageous self and like putting yourself out there and, and know that it's a being of service to people that is developing your, your human that is developing the person that you are.

Right? So that's Dar. . These all have limitations within them. And I shouldn't say limitations, actually, I should say. They all have expansions within them. They all have expansions available within them, and that's so important to remember. Another one is the Surrender Ex Experiment. This is this one I kept to the end cuz it's kind of a, a transition between your human self, your personal self, and the spiritual self.

Uh, Michael Singer also wrote The Untethered Soul, and a lot of people have heard of that book. Uh, the Surrender Experiment is, is really the beautiful. Uh, journey of being a human and having a spirit within having a soul within and surrendering the human enough times, right, the ego self, the limitations, the low vibe, enough times that it allows your highest self, uh, your divinity, your infinite intelligence to flow through you and guide you, and through surrender of the.

you allow that spiritual aspect to begin to flow through you more, right? So again, this is a nice, uh, a nice dance between the two aspects of us. So these books, the Surrender Experiment, daring Greatly, the Intelligent Investor, how to Win Friends and Influence People, and Ego as the Enemy, are all books that are for your personal development, that are all for your human self.

And they're all really great books. Honestly. They're fantastic. We need them.

This other side to us is the awakening of our spiritual side, and then the awakening that we get to develop it, we get to expand into it, we get to shift into it, we get to transform it. And so once we get to that point in our personal side and we feel unfulfilled and we feel like there's more and we feel like there's, like something else has gotta be out there for me, or, uh, you know, why isn't this working for me?

I'm doing all the investments. I'm, I'm paying all the money, I'm doing all these things. Um, but it's just like, it's not working for. , you've most likely hit that threshold in the personal self, and there's some sort of spiritual thing that you need to do. Now, a spiritual term is pretty broad and some people get scared by it, but it really just means that you're a conscious being and the conscious being just like a muscle in your physical body needs to be exercised and worked within in order for it to become.

The predominant thing, just like a muscle, right? You go to the gym, you work it out, you get a different muscle, uh, you get a stronger muscle, you get probably a more predominant muscle. It's no different with your consciousness. When you work in the consciousness, the spiritual side of you, then you exercise those, that aspect of you, that frequency vibration, you then create a new frequency and and vibration.

But before I get into that, for those of you guys that are just tuning in live, what is up? Grateful to see you here on our Tuesday Live. My name is Danielle and I'm the host of today's show, and we are talking about spiritual development and personal development, and I let you know at the beginning of this that we just released the Ultimate Journal Playbook.

So if you are just tuning in right now, then. You can click the link in the comments, which is there, journal playbook.com, and get your hands on the ultimate journal, which I have just released with the spiritual room for $15. And if you wanna join us for the live experience this Sunday, then you can go ahead and enroll in that after you get your hands on that playbook.

I was just talking about the personal development, the human that we have to develop. And when we get to a certain point where more of our internal self, our spiritual self needs to be de be developed or there's something else available for us, then we often find ourselves asking the question of what's next?

What else is there for me? What am I missing? And that's really when the spiritual conversation comes in and that's where we are. So, um, the spiritual journey, like I said, is a conscious journey and the conscious journey. Is dimensional. The whole journey is dimensional, but the conscious journey is really dimensional because you're starting to identify that you have a human vessel.

You're starting to identify that you have a chakra system. You're starting to identify that you have this energetic aura aspect of yourself. You're starting to identify that you, there's astrology is a real thing. You're starting to identify that we live in a dimensional reality. The third density, fourth density, fifth density.

Spirituality is, is awakening to all of these things and understanding all of these things. And like I just said, like a muscle. We have to work within them. And so when we work within them, we improve them. We actually become them at their core and that's what changes the hu, the human existence, the personal existence.

So alongside developing that aspect, we're gonna work with the spiritual side. So some of the things that you might find yourself call towards, I will share after I have the sympathy, the suspense.

And if you're like, Danielle, the sweater that you're wearing looks like you're cold. I am. And it's cold here in Canada, and uh, I just had to pick my warmest sweater. Anyways, some of the things that you might be called towards in this journey when we talk about the spiritual development side and like starting to lean towards the spiritual things, the woowoo things, or starting to lean towards us, like what's next?

What else is there? Probably gonna find yourself in some meditations. You're gonna find yourself looking at some journaling, reflecting gratitude, right? A gratitude journal. Uh, you're gonna find yourself looking for things beyond, uh, religion. Probably some more understanding about that. You're gonna be looking for things about chakras, things about grounding, things about mindfulness.

These, these are all the spiritual aspects of us that we get to develop. . And so you're most likely finding those books or those teachers or those platforms or those people or whatever, uh, that that can support you in this kind of stuff, which is exactly what we are here at the spiritual room. . And so alongside all of those other books that teach us about habits and behaviors and our personalities and um, just how to work on our human better, there's this whole other side to us that's our, our energetic aspect.

That's our aura, that's our chakra system. And that whole aspect of us gets to be worked within and found within in these tools like meditation and journaling and yoga, exercise, uh, there's all kinds of things that we do. Sound. There's all kinds of things that we do that work in this energetic aspect of ourself, but that's the conversation of spiritual development.

It's the conversation of awakening to seeking out information and books that help us expand what we know to be true, which in essence actually helps us embody a higher state of consciousness, a higher frequency. . And so by seeking out that wisdom, we typically find new ways of being or do or doing things really.

And you might find those meditations, those journaling things, right? And so through that, you're gonna take those actions on those exercises, and in that process you're developing your spirit. And what happens through that is now you start to awaken to what's available in the spiritual development world, which for so long, uh, we didn't see in our society or is viewed upon as woowoo or.

But now we can see it. And so what happens when you start to read more of that, that entry level spiritual stuff, and then you move more into it, you start to awaken to meditation and then journaling, and then chakras, and then Kundalini, and then you just kind of keep going in dimensions, in the light body, and you just keep going through this awakening of information.

it's actually no different than the personal development as well. You kind of go through this ascension of, well, you don't kind of, you do go through this ascension of certain things you need to develop in your human in order to become optimized to a certain degree, and then all of a sudden you hit that capacity of needing to go over to that spiritual side, that energetic side, the conscious side.

But as you do this and you keep moving forward in this, you just, you, you seek and attract more of the information that you need on that journey, right? Or teachers, or guides, or whatever that it is, or podcasts even, whatever. But that aspect of you can only be found and you can attract and you can vibe with if you look at it.

And so that's why I wanted to talk about this conversation today. I wanted to really separate the two of like personal development, human development, and spiritual development and what that looks like because you need both of them. And you need the human development, the personal development for the spiritual development to work, because you need that discipline part, right?

And so if you're someone that you're like, man, Danielle, I just, I suck with discipline and I have no habits and I'm in a total low wife self. . That's cool. Like you can still do stuff in your spiritual development side, and you'll find that because you have a desire to do those things, you'll most likely show up to those human things that you were struggling to do before, like create habits, create discipline, change your beliefs that the spiritual thing that you're so inclined to learn about is a thing that's actually driving the discipline in you're human.

So they work together, but you can really only allow that to happen if you awaken to like, oh, I don't have to beat myself. , I can look at the spiritual stuff. I can try it on for size. I can work through the inconsistency and the, and the bad behaviors and habits around it, and then figure it out. And then while look at me, all of a sudden I have these human behaviors and habits that I've been trying to step into.

But it's that forgiveness piece of like, it's cool that I wasn't doing it before and I'm really curious about this other thing, and let me just look at and try it. Right? That's the way that you can actually step into it instead of not stepping. Okay, so a couple books that you might find yourself on again, is one, like mindfulness, right?

You might find yourself on the conversation of mindfulness, seeking the present state, seeking meditation, seeking more inner Peace, balance, stuff like that. Um, and that's a lot of what that ultimate journal playbook gives you too, is a lot of mindfulness. Uh, it gives you a lot of that present state. The, the journey of the playbook is that it's like taking you from your past into your future, back to your past, into your now.

and back out into your future. Right? So it's really bringing you into a mindful state of like, , what emotions am I in right now? What desires do I have? What are the steps I need to take? And just grounding yourself in that conversation with self through that ultimate journal playbook. So you can click that link in the comments and grab your copy.

And that's the kind of stuff that works side by side. These kinds of books, right? Like this mindfulness book will most likely tell you, well, it does tell you to go reflect or to go journal or to write a, um, a gratitude practice. You will find all of that in the ultimate Journal playbook because I want to make sure that you have a full experience and experience all the different types of journaling and what it actually is.

Another book you might find yourself in is meditations, right? You might find yourself in reading about meditations, learning about meditations, uh, listening to meditations. That's all spiritual development stuff. Another one is the Enlightenment journey, so maybe find yourself in Taoism, uh, Alan Watts, Buddhism, Abraham Hicks, Kyron, Bashar.

Really in those Buddhist practice though, the Purpose-Driven life, this is like a really old school book and, and I'm sharing that specifically. Uh, so is this actually lots of these ones are, of course, the spiritual ones are so ancient and old. The information has always been here. You guys get information of the spiritual development isn't like this new thing that's just like come to the mainstream.

It's always been here. It just wasn't mainstream. It was suppressed intentionally and now it's not. So you're starting to see more of it, but that's something to remember as well. Like a lot of the stuff that you're gonna find in the spiritual development world. There is lots of new stuff in New Age, but a lot of that deeper wisdom that you might be like, why am I here?

Is is this older stuff. So this purpose-driven life, right? Really helping you understand of like infinite sources within you. Everything's within. . And then this one here is the autobiography of a Yogi. Um, by per para, I can't say this. Para hashana, yoa, yoa, I can say yoa. Anyways, this is a game changer book and, uh, really recommend it.

This is all about, uh, really the ego, the subconscious, and the conscious self, and. , the conscious self that exists outside of the physical body. That book does a really good job of talking about it. So as you can see in this conversation today, I just introduced you guys to like a completely different set of books.

We have the personal development books, the Human Self, right? And then we have the spiritual self, the spiritual development books. They're both. Require the same things. They both require discipline. They both require a desire to like create or attract or be that thing that you are, whatever it is that you're wanting to develop, right?

Um, they both require you to learn new information and they both require you to eventually embody a different aspect of yourself, right? So they're both going to require the human aspect, as I said, and they're both going to be a very similar. However. However, there's a, however, the spiritual development is going to offer you the greatest experience because that is your true evolution, and the personal development is something that has been able to exist so beautifully because we've been in that 3D linear reality and it's served us so great.

Really preparing us right now to be ready for spiritual development so that we had this discipline as a human to take those practices into our spiritual practice. , which is the truth of it. But as more and more people are awakening, the spiritual development information is rising and the desire, because that is the conscious awakening.

And so you're seeing more and more of this information coming out and or that is why you're being called towards it. And you could just be brand new to this information, just kind of like coming out of thinking it's woo-hoo. Or maybe you're in a place where you're, you're in a chakras and meditation and yoga.

Maybe you're into more of that aura, that light body, really understanding the conscious self. Maybe you're more into the dimensions. It doesn't matter where you are in this. , it's all fluid. Uh, there's no hierarchy in the spiritual world. There's no, like, it's really only exists in our human world. And if you're in any kind of spiritual program or work or anything and it feels very hierarchy, uh, then there's still some level of linear, linear linearity in it.

So it doesn't matter where you're at. What matters is that you're here now with us at the spiritual room and that you're getting this inform. So to wrap this up today, I try to keep these around half an hour. Every Tuesday we go live in the group and we are talking about all different topics. Today we were talking about spiritual development and personal development.

I was talking about the kind of books kind of experiences you have in the personal development, and I was talking about the kinds of experiences that you would find in the spiritual development side. I also let you know that we have launched the ultimate general playbook. So you can go ahead and get your hands on that and the link is in the comments, or you can head.

Journal playbook.com/the. Ultimate like it's way too long. Anyways, links in the comments, . It's not way too long, but you can figure it out. There it is in there for you guys to get your hands on that follower. 15 bucks and what else? I think that's it. Next week we'll be live here again Tuesday and we actually are alternating times this week.

We actually went on at, we were supposed to go live at six tonight, but we decided to go live at 11, so next Tuesday we will be live at 11, but for future. This show will be live in the spiritual room community on Facebook every Tuesday. And we alternate every other week, 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM so that we can hit every time zone because we have people literally from every time zone in this community.

And so that is the plan, but you can always find the events posted in the events channel so that you have a really good idea. And those are posted on Sunday the week of. So if you're catching the replay, let us know that you're here. Catch in the replay. If you have any comments, any ahas, anything, leave them down below if you have more questions to continue this convers.

Leave them in the comments cuz I do come back. We do come back and read these and next week we're gonna have our intro of our show live with the music, which is cool. And I think that's it. Cool. Show today. I think that was really great. I had a lot of fun on today's show. Thank you for being here with me and I will see you wherever I see you.

And I hope you have an absolute fantastic day wherever you are in the world. Namaste. Peace and love.

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